At Dutch Yard, we believe in planting the right seeds to create a better future for humanity. Our garden is a precious space where we cultivate growth and innovation, always staying up to date with the latest developments and opportunities.

At Dutchyard, we are committed to planting seeds of success and nurturing them with all our knowledge and investments. Our mission is to identify, build, and invest in innovative startup companies founded on strong science, with the ultimate goal of developing products that can transform industries. We believe that innovation is the key to a better future, and we are committed to being at the forefront of this movement.

Venture Capital

At our core, we believe that capital is merely a byproduct of great ideas. As a team, we leverage our collective expertise to help those ideas shine like diamonds in the rough: full of potential, and ready to take on the world.

We partner with visionary entrepreneurs and help them refine their ambition, creating a prism through which their light can shine brightly on the global stage. As a team, we view each investment opportunity as a chance to nurture and guide these ideas to fruition.

Our clients come from a diverse range of backgrounds, and operate at the highest levels of success. They share our vision of looking beyond the present, and instead focus on shaping a better future. We’ve been fortunate enough to have founded and grown several successful companies ourselves, which has given us the insight and experience to help new businesses flourish and blossom.

In short, we’re more than just investors – we’re partners, mentors, and advocates for our clients. We believe in their ideas, and we’re passionate about helping them bring those ideas to life in a way that benefits both their bottom line and society as a whole.

Stock Bonds

Through efficient and prudent allocation of capital, we invest in research and development that drives superior innovation. We focus on the long-term appreciation of the attractive opportunities arising from dynamic and structural shifts across the technology sector. With a focus on organisations that offer an expanding competitive advantage and robust corporate cultures, we’re positioned for acceleration.

With a specific focus on the board, we’re actively taking a long-term, bottom-up approach. This manifests itself in our portfolio as a goldmine of ideas, one that leverages the comprehensive EMAP, Emerging markets, primed to identify high-conviction ideas.

Real Estate

Our real estate investments began in the Netherlands and we have since expanded internationally. During the last fifteen years, the price of homes in The Netherlands has grown 52% nationwide and 84% in Amsterdam alone.

It’s an ever growing market and one that shows no sign of slowing down. The pressure for buyers and developers is high, that is why we construct our investments in a way that prioritises quality, detail and usability.

We bring buildings into being that exceed expectations. By collaborating and inspiring the end user during the construction process, we deliver results that not only meet, but exceed the wishes of clients. With countless years of experience, active empathy and design pedigree we create something unique and enduring.


We’re only just scratching at the surface of crypto’s potential. Its power to transform everything from the personal to the political is far-reaching. We operate in this space in order to bring to life endless possibilities and develop concepts that can modify life as we know it.

DutchYard believes that crypto is a maturing asset class that is here to stay. We believe in a long term strategy. We hold. And we also invest in the growing crypto eco system.

  1. Through careful research, we have identified and invested in top players in the crypto market, allowing us to maintain a strong portfolio. Additionally, we manage our own crypto companies and make strategic investments, setting us apart and enabling us to excel in the world of crypto.